Immuni Shroom Handmade Chocolate

Immuni Shroom Handmade Chocolate


Organic - Vegan - Sugar Free - Gluten Free - NON GMO - Fair Trade - Health Positive

Ingredients: *Organic Cold Pressed Cacao Powder & Cacao Butter, *Organic Erythritol, *Organic Coconut Oil, *Organic Lucuma, Non Irradiated Mushrooms: Wild Harvested Chaga & Reishi, *Organic Vanilla Bean, *Organic Luo Han Guo Extract, Sea Salt & *Organic Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil. (*Certified Organic)

We jumped for joy the day we found medicinal mushrooms. Reishi and Chaga are the King and Queen of mushrooms and the King and Queen of our lives. Medicinal mushrooms may be used to treat and prevent a wide array of illnesses through their use as immune stimulants, immune modulators, adaptogens and antioxidants. Chaga rates the highest on the ORAC ! (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity). Reishi is considered a complete body tonic for reducing stress and improving mental clarity.

40 grams





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