A Spoon Full Elixir - Vanilla

A Spoon Full Elixir - Vanilla


Add a spoon full to a cup of hot milk, a smoothie, your cereal, some yoghurt or a dessert, etc!

Organic - Vegan - Sugar Free - Gluten Free - NON GMO - Fair Trade - Health Positive


Ingredients: *organic cold processed raw cacao powder, *organic erythritol, *organic lucuma, *organic vanilla bean & organic luo han guo extract (*certifed organic)

Our vanilla powder and essence contain no alcohol or sugar. Nothing but good old vanilla bean used here! The essence is made using cold processed extraction without the use of any colorants, fillers, diluting agents, or preservatives. Vanilla is not just for culinary uses, it has been used for ritual, for it’s aphrodisiac properties and as a powerful antimicrobial.

80 grams - 16 Serves

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