A Spoon Full Elixir - Libido

A Spoon Full Elixir - Libido


Add a spoon full to a cup of hot milk, a smoothie, your cereal, some yoghurt or a dessert, etc!

Organic - Vegan - Sugar Free - Gluten Free - NON GMO - Fair Trade - Health Positive

Ingredients: *organic cold processed raw cacao powder, *organic erythritol, wild harvested eucommia bark, non-irradiated cordyceps medicinal mushroom extract, *organic peppermint powder & organic luo han guo
extract. (*certifed organic)

Eucommia Bark is a powerful yang jing tonic, but also has the balance of being a strong yin essence. It's this balance that makes it fantastic for men and women alike and can be used to support normal healthy sexual functions as well as providing support for the skeletal and endocrine systems.
Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms are best known for increasing stamina, physical strength, sexual power, impotence, as a natural aphrodisiac and to help with fatigue associated with ageing.  It is also known for respiratory health with it's ability to protect the lungs by way of detoxification and circulation, so the amount of oxygen reaching the lungs improves.

80 grams - 16 Serves


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