We ask our charity, Feel Good Food Packs a few questions...

1. Tell us about Feel Good Food Packs ?

Feel Good Food Packs started as a small project to get some nutritious food into the hands of people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne. We provide packs of healthy snacks to people who would otherwise struggle to access food, let alone nutritious food. I believe that when you eat better, you feel better, and it’s a goal of ours to help people meet their nutritional requirements and hopefully that will help them to feel good too. It may seem like a small way to help, but I really believe that good food can have a huge impact.

2. What inspired you to start Feel Good Food Packs ?

I’m passionate about helping people to eat in a way that makes them feel great, and I believe that education is key to achieving that for most people. In 2014, I started a business running online courses to help people learn about healthy eating, but it occurred to me that for some people, the barrier to eating good food isn’t just information - it’s the food itself.

I’ve always felt drawn to working with people experiencing homelessness and I figured that if I was going to put the effort into donating food, why not make it the healthiest food possible? We know that processed food contributes to ill-health, and at the very least makes people feel pretty rubbish, so it just made sense to me to give nutritious food. I think everyone deserves the chance to at least make the choice to eat well.

I found a great Melbourne charity who took me under their wing and took me onto the streets of Melbourne to help me learn about what people really need out there. We developed the packs over a few months with rough sleepers in mind (people who physically sleep on the streets, as opposed to in temporary or crisis accommodation), as we didn’t want to exclude anyone who didn’t have access to cooking equipment or cutlery.

Honestly, it started as a small project that I was happy to do on my own as my way of helping people out, but I realised that others felt drawn to this cause too, and we now have the support of some incredible businesses and individuals, particularly in the health and wellness world. It’s really exciting that others see the value in what we do enough to help! People on the streets absolutely love the packs and it’s amazing to see the reactions when we give them out.

3. How can people stay in touch, get involved and help support your cause ?

Oh, lots of ways!

Follow us on social media @feelgoodfoodpacks, like and share our posts and generally spread the word about what we do! We’re a new group, so this helps us more than you’d think.

We offer a really great recipe ebook featuring nourishing recipes from the best in health and wellness (think legends like Cyndi O’Meara, Nat Kringoudis, Luke Hines, Pana Chocolate, Loving Earth, Food Matters... and heaps more!) so buying that supports both your health and our work! You can find it at www.feelgoodfoodpacks.com and 100% of profits are used to suppot our work.

If you’d like to volunteer for us, we would love to have you on the team! We look for people who are absolutely passionate about helping others, and a qualification or interest in health and nutrition is a bonus. There are lots of ways you can volunteer, so please email hello@feelgoodfoodpacks.com if you’re interested in getting involved.

We also encourage people to throw an extra snack bar into their shopping basket and send them to us to put in our packs, or even start a food collection at their gym/yoga studio/school/workplace. Again, email us for details!