We pride ourselves in sourcing ingredients for their high nutritional value and for the high standard of fairness to which they were produced. All our flavours have been created from tonic herbs, medicinal mushrooms and superfoods that we love to use at home.

Raw Cacao (Certified Organic)

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Of course, cacao would have to be our favourite super food. Known as the “food of the gods” and topping the list when it comes to phytochemical analysis, perhaps being the most chemically complex food on Earth.

Cacao products are sourced both from Peru and Ecuador. Several groups of organic farmers forming a cooperative cultivate the premium Theobroma Cacao in its native environment. These farmers have received training on how to cultivate the Cacao using only organic farming techniques without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The beans are extracted from the inside of the Cacao fruit which contains both the beans (seeds) and a white pulp. The beans are separated from the pulp and left to ferment for 5-6 days. After fermentation, the beans go through a drying process below 40oC.

The Cacao Beans are then husked and ground to produce Cacao Paste. During this process, part of the Cacao Paste is pressed to separate the Cacao Butter from what is now called the Cacao Cake. The Cake is then pulverized to become Cacao Powder - or pure Raw Cocoa, rich in all the nutrients and aroma of the Theobroma Cacao - Food of the Gods.

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Coconut Products (Certified Organic)

It is hard to know where to start with the coconut! Pacific Islanders consider coconut oil to be the cure for all illness, the coconut palm is so highly valued by them as both a food source and a medicine that it's called the "The Tree of Life". Their incidence of high cholesterol and heart disease is low. The important saturated fatty acid in the coconut is lauric acid. Lauric acid increases good-HDL cholesterol levels in the blood. There are four healing A's for which the coconut is also known, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal and Anti-parasitic.

Everyone has gone mad for coconut oil. In our home, in various rooms you can find this versatile ingredient being put to many uses. Unfortunately though, as with cacao, coffee, quinoa and many other other high demand products, the trade is not fair when it comes to producing them. We source our coconut products from Niulife who together with Koconut Pacific produce products that can only be described as some of the fairest being produced today.

“Kokonut Pacific Pty Ltd is a for-profit social enterprise. Our mission, inspired by the example of Jesus, is to raise the well-being of coconut communities through the production of premium grade virgin coconut oil and other coconut products. The Company’s vision is encapsulated in the motto, “Empowering and Bringing Hope.” In partnership with local communities we improve lives by building sustainable value chains and revitalising the smallholder coconut industry with appropriate technology.”

Check out this report (video) put together by Landline, the popular TV program on the ABC. It highlights how these companies are working together to help poor island communities in the Solomons.

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Erythritol (certified organic) & Luo Han Guo Extract (certified organic)

These 2 ingredients are our super star sweeteners for our 7 sugar free bars and our A Spoon Full Elixirs. They are both zero GI and therefore diabetic friendly.

Erythritol is a low-calorie, zero GI sugar alcohol that is made from non GMO corn. It is naturally fermented, unlike some other sugar alcohols such as xylitol or sorbitol which are made by hydrogenation. It does not cause tooth decay like sugar does, is great for healing the gut and research now suggests that it has strong antioxidant activity.

Check out how Erythritol is made here... and for some more info on it's properties and how it is the sweet antioxident, see this video.

Luo Han Gao (as pictured) is zero GI and non-calorie. It is known as the "Longevity Fruit" in China. They have used it as a natural sweetener and healing remedy for many centuries. It is known to have a positive effect on blood glucose and is high in antioxidants. Studies have proven it's anti-carcinogenic effects and it is known to be used to reduce coughs and fevers.

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Fermented Hemp+ by Probiotic Foods (certified organic)


Fermented Hemp+ blend is a selection of 100% certified organic gluten free wholefoods. They have taken nutrient dense hemp protein and seeds along with 8 other vegan foods and fermented them with an organic mother culture. Fermented Hemp+ is rich in a balance of omega, 3, 6 and 9 essential fats, bioavailable amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The fermentation process releases nutrition to the cells in an absorbable form and enriches the balance of good microbes in the gut with a diverse range of beneficial food based bacteria.

Taking a probiotic supplement is one of the best things you can do for your body. The special microorganisms that we call beneficial bacteria dwell in your gut (intestinal tract) where they help maintain a healthful, balanced environment, that is critical for overall health.

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Singing Bowl Vibrations

We started making chocolate for one simple reason... we love chocolate ! We also love good health and being mindful that food is medicine. With this in mind we set about making the best chocolate possible for ourselves, with ingredients that will heal and nourish the body.

From there it grew naturally into making it for other people, particularly people that were attending a weekly meditation circle that we were apart of, in fact they were our guinea pigs ;) The singing bowls were used during our meditation practice. They were especially helpful to still the mind and relax the body, in essence they helped us to tune in.

Part of our process is to play the singing bowls to every batch of chocolate that we make. We do this to lovingly infuse these beautiful healing sounds into the chocolate using a principle similar to research conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto. Dr. Emoto has used photography to illustrate how frequency effects water. His results are amazing and worthy of further research.

Dr. Emoto's research...

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Listen to singing bowls here...

Bush Foods (Wild Harvested)

Whilst the distinct flavours and health-enhancing properties of our gorgeous Australian superfoods remain mysterious to most, their nutritional qualities far outweigh many of their better-known international counterparts. Most Australians have never even tasted bush foods. Yet to the Indigenous people of Australia, native fruits and seeds have served as a source of food and medicine for over 50,000 years, sustaining them through harsh, unpredictable Australian weather. In fact, the foods themselves had to adapt to survive. These adaptations have resulted in extraordinary, highly concentrated, nutritional compositions.

After years of research and development spearheaded by dietitian Hayley Blieden, the Australian Superfood Co has created a unique range of food products richly infused with Australian native bush food; a powerful, diverse and exciting superfood group, hugely undervalued by the Australian commercial food industry.

"The Australian Superfood Co aims to promote Indigenous culture and self-respect by raising awareness and appreciation of the sophistication of Aboriginal heritage and their wisdom relating to their land. ."

Check out their website for more information on bush foods and their amazing properties. Don’t forget to check out how they are giving back to community which is what we love the most, check out this video.

Tonic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms


We source all our tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms from Willow & Sage Apothecary. They're a business made up of health conscious individuals who are dedicated to helping people achieve their health goals, whatever their journey.  Their business is dedicated to sourcing products with integrity. They believe in eating wild foods and working with the spirit of the plants, re-connecting ourselves with nature.

All of their herbal ingredients come directly from their original growing source, the pristine high mountain ranges, far from any cities or industrial pollution.

Many of thier herbs are wildcrafted directly from the forest, many are "semi wild.” Semi-wild herbs are grown from seed, then placed into a natural environment (a mountain forest or a desert, for example) and allowed to grow naturally without human interference. The "semi-wild" cultivation process simulates the wild mushrooms growing conditions where the herb can accumulate food and energy naturally. This method produces mushrooms with a chemical profile closely similar to the wild material and is often better than the organically cultivated varieties. Wild herbs cannot be termed “organic” because they are not cultivated, even though their growing methods would deem them certified organic.